About us

Our work shop is a family business that was established back in 1966 by my father Leonidas Gikas and from then till today we have collaborated with many Greek and foreign artists, Art Galleries, Sculpturers, Architects, Designers and we build their art constructions by copying an art prototype or by their instructions of lay out and design. The main materials we are working with are iron, stainless steel and bronze.

We have worked and gained the trust of many great artists, most of them with international fame like George ZongolopoulosYiannis MoralisAchilleas ApergisFroso MihaleaYiorgos NikolaidisChrysa Vardea, Vassiliki Tsekoura, PhilolaosKostas Coulentianos, Theodoris Pokamisas, Ntina Anastasiadou, Andriana Verveti, Nakis Tastsioglou and many others. Many art galleries and institutions have also trusted us through the years with maintaining their art works.

Some of our big scale metal sculptures we have constructed for various artists can be found In Greece, Brussels (EU headquarters), Washington, Marassi in Egypt.

In 2013 we were hired by the French company Signature and constructed the Christmas’ store window decoration elements for all Berluti shops around the world  (Sidney, Dubai, Paris, New York etc.)